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How do you recover the switch password if the password-recovery mechanism is disabled ?

These are the steps :

  • Step 1 : Interrupt the normal boot by pressing ctrl+Break
  • Step 2 : On the default config mode accept to reset the switch.
  • Step 3 : Manually boot the switch and wait for the ios to finish loading in RAM.
  • Step 4 : Now Reset the password
  • Step 5 : Save the running config as a startup config
  • Step 6 : Revert the Boot process to its default options and reboot the switch

How the VTP Transparent mode works in a switch ?

A VTP transparentswitch maintains its own local VLAN database, and does not directly participate in the VTP domain. A transparent switch will never accept VLAN database information from anotherswitch, even a server. Also, a transparent switch will never advertise its local VLAN database to another switch.

What are the VTP message advertisement types ?

Three message types exist for VTP advertisements:

  • Summary Advertisement
  • Subset Advertisement
  • Advertisement Request
Tell me the important rules of access lists ?

1. If a bit is set to 0in a wild-card mask, the corresponding bit in the address must be matched exactly.

2. If a bit is set to 1 in a wild-card mask, the corresponding bit in the address can match any number.

What is HDLC ?

High-Level Data-link Control (HDLC)is a WAN encapsulation protocol used on dedicated point-to-point serial lines.