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What is the purpose of subnetting ?

Used in IP Networks to break up larger networks into multiple smaller subnetworks. It is used to reduce network traffic, Optimized network performance.It helps to identify and isolate network problems easily.

What is cider?

CIDR (Classless Interdomain Routing) pronounced as cider for short. It was created for solving the problems introduced by Class A -E addressing scheme.

And it is used to prevent the ip address space depletion.

CIDR uses a masking technique to determine the target network and eleminating the limitations of classful configuration and preventing the waste of ip address in the classful addressing scheme.

Tell me what is VLSM and its purpose.

VLSM means Variable length subnet mask.

It is an advanced form of subnetting that allows subnets of variable lengths to all coexist under one network.

The purpose of VLSM is to adjust your simple, same size subnets to better accommodate the size requirements of your physical networks.

Benefits of IP v6 ?
  • IPv6 has larger address space
  • It supports stateless autoconfiguration.
  • It has more efficient packet headers than IPv4.
  • It supports multicasting
  • More secure than ipv4
  • It has additional mobility features and it has integrated qos.

What is stateless autoconfiguration in IPv6 ?

This feature is used to generate an ip address without the need of dhcp server.

Here Routers send the RAs (Router advertisements) to the network hosts containing first 64 bits of the 128 bit network address.

The second half of the address is generated by the host. this allows the host to keep hardware addresses hidden for the security reasons.