AAFI Amateur Athletics Federation of India
AAPSO Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organisation
AASU All Assam Students Union
ABM Anti Ballistic Missiles
ABSU All Bodo Students Union
ABVP Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi  Parishad
AC Alternating Current; Ashoka Chakra
ACC Ancillary Cadet Core
ACCORD Action for Community Organisation Rehabilitation and Development
ACU Asian Currency Union
ADB Asian Development Bank
AERE Atomic Energy Research Establishment
AD Anno Domini; in the year of Lord Chirst
ADC Aide-de-Camp
AFTA Asia Free Trade Area
AGOC Asian Games Organisation Committee
AICC All India Congress Committee
AICTE All India Council of Technical Education
AIDS Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome
AIFE All India Football Federation
AIIMS All India Institute of Medical Sciences
AIL Aeronautics India Limited
AIMPLB All India Muslim Personal Law Board
AIMPLB All India Muslim Personal Law Board
ADF Asian Development Fund
AI Air India
AG Accountant General; Adjutant General
AIDS Acquired Immun Deficiency Syndrome
AIIMS All India Institute of Medical Science
AMC Army Medical Corps, Asset Management Companies
AME Associate Memeber of the Institute of Engineers
ANURAG Advanced Numerical Research and Analysis Group
APC Agricultural Prices Commission
APPEAL Asia Pacific Program of Education for All
APEC Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
APSC Army Postal Services Core
ASWAC Airborne Surveillance Warning and Control
APPU Asian Pacific Postal Union
AITUE All India Trade Union Congress
ANC African National Congress
AISSF All India Sikh Students Federation
AITUC All India Trade Union Congress
AJSU All Jharkhand  Students Union
AJT Advanced Jet Trainer
ALH Advanced Light Helicopter
ARDR Agricultural and Rural Debt Relief
ASC Army Service Corps
ASEAN Association of South-East Asian Nations
ASLV Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle
ASPAC Asian and Pacific Council
ASROCK Anti submarine Rocket Launchers
ASSOCHAM Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry
ATA Air Time Authority; Allen Telescope Array
ATM Automatic Teller Machine
ATN Asian Television Network
ATO Air Taxi Operators
ATR Action Taken Report
ATS Anti Tetanus Serum (injection)
AVARD Association of Voluntary Agencies for rural Development
AVC Army Veterinary Corps
AWACS Airborne Warning and control System