What is Perl?

Perl is an interpreted high-level programming language developed by Larry Wall

Is it possible to enter more than one debugging command at a time?

No,Its not possible. however, there is no real need to do so. If we want to perform several single steps at once,we can use the C command to skip ahead to a specified point. If we want to both step ahead and print the value of a variable,just use the command

How can I convert to a reusable breakpoint a one-time breakpoint created using c?

By default, the b command sets a breakpoint at the line that is about to be executed. This is the line at which C has set its one-time breakpoint.

Is it possible to examine variables in one package while inside another?

Yes. Use the V command or the standard Perl package/variable syntax

Why does a file included by requireneed to execute a statement? Why does require check a return code?

Because files included by require can contain statements that are immediately executed, checking for a return code enables programs to determine whether code included by require generated any errors