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What are the benefits of vlan ?

>> It limits the size of each broadcast domain
>> Improves the security
>> Improve the network management and flexibility
>> Improve network usage and efficiency

What are the operating modes of a switch ?

There are three operating modes are available in vtp, that are Server,client and Transparent.

What are the basic functions of a router ?
  • It manages routing protocols
  • It Builds the routing table using routing protocols
  • Route packets using routed protocols and routing tables
  • Maintaning routing tables
Tell me the cisco router startup process.

1. When the router powered on it runs the Power-on self test(POST)
2. Next it runs the bootstrap program that is boot loader software. 3. Then it loads the cisco IOS in to RAM. 4. Finally it loads the startup configuration file from the NVRAM.

What is the difference between TFTP and FTP application layer protocols?

TFTP – Trivial File Transfer Protocol A stripped down version of FTP, easy to use and fast. TFTP has no Directory browsing, no Authentication and insecure it can only send and receive files.

FTP – File Transfer Protocol The TCP/IP protocol used for transmitting files between network nodes. FTP allows access to both Directories and files, manipulating directories, typing file contents and copying files between hosts.