Define data structure?

Data structure is a way to store and organize data in order to facilitate access and modifications.

Define user-defined data type?

A user-defined data type is a group of primitive data types defined by the programmer. For example, in C programming language, a user can define a new data type using typedef keyword (typedef int age)

Explain breifly what is an object container?
A container is an object that holds within it other objects. Generally, container classes are expected to implement methods to do the following:
  1. create a new empty container (constructor)
  2. report the number of objects it stores (size)
  3. delete all the objects in the container (clear)
  4. insert new objects into the container
  5. remove objects from it
  6. provide access to the stored objects
What is a record structure?

A record structure is a join of elements of arbitrary types, that are possibly themselves structured types. For example, a Person record may contain fields like FirstName, LastName, Birthday, Person (reference to his children) and so on.

list the main primitive data type groups?
There are four primitive data type groups:
  1. Integer - stores whole numbers and signed numbers
  2. Floating-point - store real numbers (fractional values)
  3. Character - store characters (for example names of things)
  4. Boolean - store a true or false value