Macbeth William Shakespeare
Magic Mountain Thomas Mann
Mahabharata Veda Vyas
Major Barbara G.B.Shaw
Malgudi Days R.K. Narayan
Man of Destiny George Bernard Shaw
Man, the Unknown Carrol
Man and Superman G.B.Shaw
Man Eaters of Kumaon Jim Corbett
Man from Moscow, The Greville Wynne
Manvini Bhavai Pannalal Patel
Many Worlds K.P.S.Menon
Marriage and Morals Bertrand Russell
Martyr Kuldip Nayar
Mati Mahal Gopinath Mohanty
Meghdoot Kalidas
Mein Kampf Hitler
Memoirs of the Second World War Churchill
Men Who Kept Secrets Thomas Powers
Merchant of Venice Shakespeare
Midnight's Children Salmon Rushdie
Miser, The Moliere
Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare
Modern Painters John Ruskin
Mother Maxim Gorky
Mother India Katherine Mayo
Mountbatten Philip Ziegler
Mrs.Warren's Profession G.B.Shaw
Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare
Mudra Rakshasa Vishakhadatta
Murder in the Cathedral T.S.Eliot
Muslim Dilemma in India, The M.R.A.Baig
My Childhood Days Taslima Nasreen
My Days R.K. Narayan
My Experiments With Truth Mahatma Gandhi
My Life and Times V.V.Giri
My Presedential Years R. Venkatraman
My Truth Indira Gandhi
My Music, My Life Ravi Shankar
Mysterious Universe James Jeans