What is identifiers ?

The names that the programmers assign for the classes, methods,variables,objects,packages and interfaces in a java program are known as identifiers.

What are the basic properties of Static member type ?
  • A static member type is like the other static members of a class: static fields and static methods.
  • A static member type is not associated with any instance of the containing class
  • A static member type can access the static members of the class that contains it
  • A static member type has access to all the static members of its containing type.
  • Nested interfaces, enums, and annotations are implicitly static, whether or not the static keyword appears
  • Any type nested within an interface or annotation is also implicitly static
  • A static member type may not be defined within any other kind of nested type
Rules of identifiers ?

The rules are :

>> It can contain digits,alphabets, underscore and dollar sign characters
>> The first character should not be a digit.
>> it can contain any number of characters.

What is method overloading ?

When two methods in a class have the same name but different parameters lists, those two methods are said to be overloaded.

How are the elements of a BorderLayout organized?

The elements of a BorderLayout are organized at the borders and the center of a container.