The IEEE defines what two sublayers of the data link layer?
  1. The two sublayers of the data link layer are
  2. The Logical Link Control (LLC) sublayer
  3. The Media Access Control (MAC) sublayer
  4. These two sublayers provide physical media independence.
For what is the LLC sublayer responsible?

The Logical Link Control (802.2) sublayer is responsible for identifying different network layer protocols and then encapsulating them to be transferred across the network. An LLC header tells the data link layer what to do with a packet after it is received

What functions does the Media Access Control (MAC) sublayer provide?

The MAC sublayer specifies how data is placed and transported over the physical wire. The LLC layer communicates with the network layer, but the MAC layer communicates downward directly to the physical layer. Physical addressing (MAC addresses), network topologies, error notification, and delivery of frames are defined at this sublayer.

What are some network devices that operate at the data link layer?

Bridges and switches are network devices that operate at the data link layer. Both devices filter traffic by MAC addresses.

What is the function of the OSI model's physical layer (Layer 1)? Give some examples of physical layer implementations.

The physical layer defines the physical medium. It defines the media type, the connector type, and the signaling type (baseband versus broadband). This includes voltage levels, physical data rates, and maximum cable lengths. The physical layer is responsible for converting frames into electronic bits of data, which are then sent or received across the physical medium. Twisted pair, coaxial cable, and fiber-optic cable operate at this level. Other implementations at this layer are repeaters/hubs, RJ-45.