What does the SQLCODE -818 pertain to?

This is generated when the consistency tokens in the DBRM and the load module are different.

Is View Updatate is possible ?

Not all of them Some views are updatable eg single table view with all the fields or mandatory fields Examples of non-updatable views are views which are joins, views that contain aggregate functions(such as MIN), and views that have GROUP BY clause.

What are the 4 environments which can access DB2 ?

  • TSO
  • CICS
  • IMS

What is an inner JOIN, and an outer JOIN ?

strong>Inner Join: combine information from two or more tables by comparing all values that meet the search criteria in the designated column or columns of one table with the entire clause in corresponding columns of the other table or tables. This kind of join which involve a match in both columns are called inner joins.

Outer join: is one in which you want both matching and non-matching rows to be returned. DB2 has no specific operator for outer joins; it can be simulated by combining a join and a correlated sub query with a UNION.

What is FREEPAGE and PCTFREE in TABLESPACE creation?

PCTFREE: percentage of each page to be left free

FREEPAGE: Number of pages to be loaded with data between each free page.