what is zip ?

Zip means Zone Information Protocol. It is a session-layer protocol used by Apple-Talk to map network numbers to zone names. NBP uses ZIP in the determination of networks containing nodes that belong to a zone.

What is zip storm ?

A broadcast storm occurring when a router running AppleTalk reproduces or transmits a route for which there is no corresponding zone name at the time of execution. The route is then forwarded by other routers downstream, thus causing a ZIP storm.

What is Windows Socket Interface (WinSock)?

A software interface that makes it possible for an assortment of applications to use and share an Internet connection. The WinSock software consists of a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) with supporting programs such as a dialer program that initiates the connection.

What are the benefits of VTP : --
VTP provides the following benefits to a switched network:
  • Consistent configuration of VLANs across all switches in the network
  • Allowing VLANs to be trunked over mixed networks, like Ethernet to ATM LANE or FDDI
  • Accurate tracking and monitoring of VLANs
  • Dynamic reporting when VLANs are added to all switches
  • Plug-and-play VLAN adding to the switched network
What is transparent mode in Switches?

Transparent mode Switches can run in transparent mode, which means that they will only forward messages and advertisements, not add them to their own database. In version 1, the switch will check the domain name and version before forwarding, but in version 2, the switches will forward VTP messages without checking the version.