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How the Data Link Layer process the data ?

From the sending host it receives each packet on the network layer. After wraps up the packet in a data frame along with local routing data it finaly sends the data frame to the physical layer to code as a signal.

On the receiving host side it unwraps the received data frame and extracts the data packet from the data frame and finally sends the packet up to the network layer.

Tell me how the switch is functioning .

Initially it learns a MAC addressess of all the devices that are connected to the switch. and forward the frames to destination host after deciding whether that frames it received from the host devices or other switches, also it avoids creating any layer 2 loops.

Functions of a switch.

Address learning, Flooding, Forwarding, Filtering, and avoiding loops.

Tell me the Use of Boot command cisco devices.

Boot command that allows you to configure the cisco switches boot process.

  • which control the loaded cisco ios image file.
  • Control the loaded the startup configuration file.
  • It enables the ctrl + break during booting.
  • Also enabling the manual booting.
How do you recover the password of a switch ?

These are the steps involved with the password-recovery mechanism enabled,

  • Step 1 : Interrupt the boot process with ctrl+ Break
  • Step 2 : Initialize the flash file system manually
  • Step 3 : Prevent the ios loading of startup configuration file by hiding
  • Step 4 : Manually boot the switch and wait till the ios to finish loading in RAM.
  • Step 5 : unhide the startup config file and manually load it from NVRAM to RAM
  • Step 6 : Reset the password
  • Step 7 : Save the running config as startup config
  • Step 8 : Revert the boot process and reboot the switch